Electronic Phone Book

University Ulm

FAQ for the electronic telephone directory

Why there are missing entries?

The eletronic telephone directory lists all members of the university ulm except the students. Guests or extern functionaries can be added manually but cant be added to the staff directory. Last is for members of the university ulm only. For data protection reasons a written approval is needed for those members. This is available in electronic format. Members of the university hospital are not per se members of the university. The kiz (Communication and Information Centre) gets periodically lists from the management systems of the university and the hospital for updating the members. However, should nevertheless discrepancies occur, only the personnel management can solve this problems.

Why cant i change all entries or delete and add persons?

Through laws its impossible to give you proceeding access on the data. For changes in email, telephone or fax use the electronic formular or address to our helpdesk (phone 30000).

What means "publication" of data?

The data are used by internal services like the LDAP-Server and the internal search engines managed by the kiz (Communication and Information Centre). Emails and other data on the web are exclusively availbable through this search engines and not in complete list formats. Together with other Methods it helps with spam-prevention. Clients in the intranet have the option with help of the LDAP-protocol to read the email from an email application. To do so configure your email client to the LDAP server adress ab.uni-ulm.de in your directory. More configurations arent necessary in general.


So far as you use the central functions of the university we have the right accordance with paragraph 12 under section 5 LHG for business accessibility to publish your name, function, service and job title, the business telephone and fax number as well as your business email and internet adresses without your consent. You can object this publication if you have interest worthy of protection. The university will make a decision on publishing under consideration of your interests. Please set up a reasonable written objection to:

Zentrale Universit├Ątsverwaltung
Abt. I-2 Helmholtzstr. 16
89081 Ulm