Welcome to our print agent for dissertations.

To order examination copies please contact the print services directly (phone: +49 (0)731 / 50 - 22444, contact form).

Here you can order copies of your dissertation for publication. You need not to login in for this.

A step by step guide will help you to place your print order.

Dissertations must be legally deposited with the kiz. These obligatory copies for the kiz are automatically ordered by this online assistant and stay with us. You can also order copies for your own use.

Please check beforehand whether your dissertation fulfills all the formal requirements and is correct as regards content. Is the pagination consistent with the table of contents? Did you write the names of the acting dean and the rapporteur as well as the promotion date on a white page at the beginning of your dissertation (either on the back of the title page or on the following white page)? Did you check possible copyright conflicts and clarify them (e.g. when you have already published parts of your dissertation in a journal)? If in doubt, please contact the Service-Point University Publications. (phone: +49 (0)731 50 31428, email:

Color/ black and white print:
Your dissertation is printed on a digital print system which can do both color and black and white prints. The system automatically creates a color or black and white page based on your pdf file. To lower costs you can reduce the number of color pages in your dissertation. If you would like to have a calculation of the estimated cost of your order before submitting your order, please contact the print services (phone: +49 (0)731 50 22444, contact form).


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