The technology of the portal

In contrast to the CMS (Content Management System) the portal of the University of Ulm can show contents for all user groups. These groups can be static collections of identifications (UIDs) or dynamic requests for the directory servce (LDAP).

The most important abilities of the portal:

  • The contents of the three content areas of a website can be edited freely and will be shown depending of the time and the user.
  • Administration of any kind languages and recognition of the preferred language of the user.
  • Comfortable interface to other systems.
  • Administrative support like sending e-mail and LDAP groups or link resolver.
  • Meta search about the whole university including address book.
  • Excluding open source components.

The portal is a java based web application. The architecture is shown below:

Architectual overview.

Explanation of the abbreviations:
Abbreviation      Explanation
YAML Yet Another Multicolumn Layout. A robust multi layered layout for XHTML with CSS.
CSS Cascading Style Sheets - determine the layout of the webites and allows to seperate content and appearance.
XHTML HTML based on XML – makes a strict validity check of the documents possible.
Tomcat Application Server for Java Servlets/Java Server Pages.
JSP Java Server Pages. (X)HTML-sites which could contain Java code and are converted into servlets.
Struts A Model 2 Controller for Java based Web applications.
Lucene A fast full text search engine in Java.
Hibernate Database persistence and abstraction layer in Java.
Log4j Logging-Modul for Java.


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  • Kommunikations- und Informationszentrum
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  • Telefax: +49 731 50-22471


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Help Desk

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