Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I get support?

Problems when logging in (Password problems)?

  • Please use your e-mail password which you received when requesting the kiz account to log into the portal and for the online registry in medicine. Please do not use the password for the Windows PC Pools!
  • Employees of the University of Ulm can download the external link followsapplication form the kiz account from the kiz website. Students receive their account automatically when enrolling for their degree courses at university.
  • Please check that your password is really your email password. Please try to log in via external link followsWebmail. If this does not work there is a problem with your e-mail password (e.g. not yet activated or not correctly typed). In this case please contact the kiz Helpdesk by e-mail Send new or call 0731/50-30000.
  • Should the log in onto the e-mail server work but the log in onto the portal fail please change your e-mail password (external link followschange of password). That way the new password is automatically transferred to the identity management of the portal system. NOTE: Umlauts and special characters (e.g. ÄÖÜäöüߧ) must not be used!

Still having problems to log in to the portal?

If there is still an error message when logging in to the portal this could be caused by your browser:

  • With newer versions of some browsers it can be set up that cookies from certain websites can only be shown after the user has positively confirmed a request to show these websites. If at any time you have denied the as website you won’t be able to access the portal websites. Please change or delete your browser settings. For Mozilla we offer a external link followsmanual including screenshots.
  • If your browser uses an insufficient encoding the portal websites cannot be shown because we only allow secure cryptographic techniques which meet the up-to-date technical standards. In this case please get a new browser version.

Forgot your password?


Students can change their password at the terminals on the campus. Afterwards the password should be changed again via the external link followsmanagement functions of the e-mail server to make sure the password is only known only to yourself.

Alternatively we offer following solution: send a fax to 0731/50-31491 with following details:

  • Subject: Online registry Medicine / change of password
  • Personal dates: first name, surname, matriculation number, e-mail address for possible questions
  • Password: Please think of any password which our colleagues can ask you when speaking on the phone to them. Please don’t use a password which is valid for login into any online service or the PC pools.
  • Copy of the student ID card or your identity card
  • Signature

After sending the fax, please call the Helpdesk on 0731/50-30000. You will be identified by using the password you specified on your fax and then you will be given a new password which will enable you to sign in to the portal as well as medical courses. Please change your given password into a password only known to you as soon as possible via the external link followsmanagement functions via the e-mail server.

Employees and Lecturers

Please call the kiz Helpdesk on 0731/50-30000 and let us know your name, department or institute as well as your phone number at work. You will be given a new password. You will receive a letter with your account details (especially your new password) via the internal university post. Please change your given password into a password only known to you as soon as possible via the external link followsmanagement functions via the e-mail server.

Important hints on browers when using the portal

  • Your browser must support secure cryptographic techniques. Otherwise you have to get a new browser version.
  • For an optimal display of the portal websites newer browser versions are also necessary (e.g. Firefox 3.x, Internet Explorer from Version 6, Opera from Version 6). When using older browser versions (e.g. Netscape 4.79) the display is optically limited. The functionality of the portal is maintained.
  • The browser must allow cookies as well Javascript.


  • kiz-Account:
  • Password:


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Help Desk

Contact for questions and problems related to kiz services:
Hours: Mo - Fr 8 - 18
Telephone: +49 (0)731/50-30000
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