Cookie-Settings for Firefox & Mozilla

For other browsers the settings have to be edited analogical.

Problem description

If you have problems signing in into the portal it may be due to your cookies settings in your browser. Even if you generally allow cookies it may be the case that your browser declines the cookies of the portal server.

If for example after choosing the link higher education services portal on the starting website of the University of Ulm you have also chosen deny and Use my choice for all cookies from this site the portal will never be allowed to set a cookie into your browser. Due to that you will never be able to sign in into the portal.


Please allow cookies for the portal.

Open the settings of the browser:

Open the cookie manager:

Please delete the entry for the portal in the tabs with the rules for cookies:

Afterwards when opening the portal website again you will be asked if you would like to accept the Cookie again. Accept this with Yes.


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